Who We Are

Imagination Academy of Fine Art is an institute which facilitates and cultivates young and emerging talent through Art and Photography.
It is a one stop destination for learning fine art, photography and graphic designing. The institute aims to nurture the creative minds to make their talent speak volumes in the realm of art, photography and graphics.
Students of all ages and skills are welcome with open arms to experience the fun in learning and experimenting in their favoured fields. Our institute is keen on giving students a competitive edge over others so that they can build a promising career out of their raw talent.
Our institute provides authentic art opportunities for children, teens and adults to grow as skilled artists and creative human beings. At our studio, you will find positive vibes all around the place balanced by a calm and aesthetically pleasing ambience.
Our studio boasts highly qualified teachers with several years of experience in the field of fine art, photography and digital art. They will make you learn the apt skills and determination to achieve your dreams. They are the ones who will support you to climb every inch of the mountain of success. Our facilitators will encourage and train you professionally so that you can assure a better stance in the industry.

People Say

Our testimonial 

Imagination academy of fine art is the best place for all those people who want to learn fine art in a right way ,all the faculties are very gud here .They all encourage students to come out from their comfort zone n start to think n imagine out of the box.

Swati Garg


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I am doing specialization course in acrylic medium from imagination academy of fine arts. It is really a good learning and inspiring experience for me. Teachers are very supportive here and emphasis us to work on our perspective and point of view. They have a very flexible timings and anybody can join it. I recommend this institute who are passionate about art and want to give it a new lease of life. 1

Manasi Sinha Srivastava


best fine arts institue in dehradun

The best place for all those people who want to learn drawing and painting in a right way and all faucties are very experienced and helpful .They all encourage students a lot.

Ira Deb


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Imagination Academy of fine art Asmita Dharashivkar I have been a student of Imagination Academy of Fineart since 2018. I had been searching for the fineart Courses & Institutes that could assist me in developing as an artist. The fineart courses at Imagination is a complete program for beginners as well as advanced students of art. The course is well structured and takes you to step by step so you gradually learn and understand the basics that are essential to developing as an artist. I would recommend Imagination to all who are interested in the intellectual as well as the practical side of art.

Asmita Dharashivkar


This was my very first time attending an art school and that too online, which made it as interesting as it could get. It was a great experience and I would recommend this class to anyone who's even slightly interested in art. The faculty is undoubtedly very skilled and experienced. And always motivated me to do my best.I would recommend Imagination to all who are interested in the intellectual as well as the practical side of art.

Soni Sinha